Through the Fence

It’s ok to feel jealous. It’s ok to feel bad. It’s ok to feel let down or be envious of others achievements. It’s all ok if you are aware that these are negative feelings and you realize it’s not good for you. It’s ok to feel lost and hopeless, but never be too hard on yourself. You are unique, you have your strengths. You will feel you don’t have the strength to fight or go on that others seem to have. But you never know how strong you are unless being strong is the only choice. Remember #youarenotalonewoman

It's OK



How often in life we feel like running away, crawl down under the bed and wait till what we think the worst is over... oh my.. how many times I have felt that way I cannot even count. Sometimes due to pain, sometimes due to emotions, sometimes due to circumstances and many many times due to silly mistakes that I had made. Based on my experience, Robert Frost’s quote - “the only way out is through” is actually true. #youarenotalonewoman

Running Away


Woman on Window Sill

Concept of vulnerability baffles me. It’s supposed to make you strong but if you believe deeply you are vulnerable you feel scared. Strength in vulnerability is something where you need to strike a balance to the extent that you are overwhelmed by neither. Mastering this balance is not easy but the fear of never achieving it makes one miserable..the battle now is between what to choose.. pretend to be strong or risk being miserable in pursuit to strike the balance.

Embracing vulnerability


Beautiful Young Girl

By coincidence.. most of the guys and few girls that I know, who bullied and commented on girls all the time, have beautiful cute daughters of their own now.And I am pretty sure that they adore and care for them like anything..l hope they finally understand and respect the individuality and value beyond just looks of a girl. I wish their daughters best in life and that they never come across guys with an attitude towards women like their fathers once had in their life. And all those who have sons.. I really really hope they don't turn out with those traits like their fathers.

My Dear Bullies



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